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# 🤖 P3X Gitlist - A decorated enhanced elegant, feature rich and modern private git ui repository viewer
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* Localization (twig, controller, php, js) * Sometimes, I try to upload a file like `grub.png` and it does not work, while I upload a different `.png` and it works, weird * make sure new functions work with Windows or disable some features is Windows
* treegraph pager * diff by file * pager not working right with commits * search has no pager (either of two)
* Basically, the twig "for" is not cheap => expensive, use AJAX and web worker * search.twig * blame.twig * Search, at work, "fix" string hs 1221 results, use AJAX and pager * Blames in gitlist on composer.lock has 994 results, use AJAX and pager
* In submodules, if the "submodule" and "path" is not the same, it chokes (it should work the submodule name and path are not the same) * Works * submodule "path/name" * path path/name * Not working * submodule "name" * path path/name * In submodules, the url cannot have slash at the end
* Convert Silex 2 to Symfony 4 - actually this is stays as Silex, Symfony is overcomplicated for a small web site
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